Datalogic Industrial PDA


Datalogic ADC’s new industrial PDA, Elf™ is designed with the technology and ruggedness needed in Field Service, Field Sales, Delivery, Retail and Logistics applications. Capitalizing on Datalogic ADC’s legendary ergonomics, the new PDA packs unprecedented features into a compact form factor built for single handed operation.

Elf™â€™s Power3 construction starts with a parallel microprocessor architecture using a PXA310 and ARM-7 processors combined with 256 MB RAM & Flash and Windows Mobile 6.5.

Elf™ 1D laser scanner and 2D imager both come equipped with Datalogic is patented Green Spot good read feedback. An HF RFID interrogator provides a third data capture option. Every Elf™ is also outfitted with an autofocus 3MPixel camera with flash.

A complete set of radios keeps the users connected through out the day: HSDPA UMTS for voice and data, Summit’s latest Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g wireless radio with CCX v4 certification. Elf™â€™s GPS receiver helps with route planning and proof of delivery.
The Micro USB port facilitates charging with a phone industry standard power supply or On-the-Go (OTG) communications.

Datalogic’s software tools and strategic software alliances fit Elf™ to the business practice. Datalogic Desktop and Configuration utilities offer full control over the on device experience. Wavelink Avalanche enables rapid deployment and central management of Elf™ installation. Finally Datalogic’s comprehensive service programs protect the Elf™ investment.


Field Force Automation

Field Force Automation activities can be generalized into three major groups

  • Sales representatives who present new products, set up promotional displays, take orders and need to relay them to a distribution center.
  • Service functions including Utility and Industrial field representatives who do regular equipment checks and maintenance on capital intensive equipment.
  • Couriers who deliver packages and parcels requiring transactional proof and payment collection.

Field personnel in these areas use their mobile computers for a variety of purposes during the day. They use customer relationship management (CRM) software and databases for activity tracking. They need access to job orders, equipment schematics, service agreements, spare parts inventories, and customer equipment histories. Vehicle and site inventories need to be taken during loading and unloading to record transactions and product availability. They generate work orders, invoices and purchase orders in either electronic form or on paper and often need customer verification or authorization.

Field representatives spend a great deal of time on the road and use navigational aids to direct them between stops and around traffic. They frequently communicate with dispatchers and customers by voice or text such as SMS or e-mail.
Dispatchers leverage mobile computer connectivity combined with location data to reroute workers to emergency situations while monitoring activities, productivity, and down time for employee accountability. The sheer outdoor nature of their jobs requires devices to withstand a wide variety of outdoor weather conditions and environments.


Elf fits a variety of Retail in Store environments including Mass and General Merchandisers, Warehouse Clubs, Do It Yourself, Specialty, Pharmacy, Grocery and Convenience Stores. The needs of both the retail store manager and retail store associate can be addressed using this PDA.

Retail associates carry out a variety of inventory accountability and communications tasks. Stock counts for year-end inventory, spot checks on items with high shrink, and receiving activities require the highest possible speed and accuracy to complete the activity in the shortest possible time. Picking, put away, price verification and price adjustments require communication with the host system for associate direction. Voice communications and online resources help the associate quickly track down answers to customer questions.

Retail store managers cover both show room floor and back office duties. The more spent on the show room floor has been proven to improve customer satisfaction through closer employee supervision and better perception of real store activities. In order to increase the amount of time spent on the store floor, managers need a device that keeps them in touch with email, scheduling and corporate reporting tools while roaming the floor. This brings them closer to the daily activities of promotions, pricing, shelf management and problem resolution.

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